[EXCLUSIVE] Sarip Dol – Jaga2 Cik Salmah


[EXCLUSIVE] Sarip Dol – Jaga2 Cik Salmah

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[EXCLUSIVE] ‘Jaga2 Cik Salmah’ is a debut album by @saripdol_skd with rockabilly sound and music of the 60s – 70’s era. Consists of 4 band members; Along (@ZipZieller) , Mie (@Kapow), Eja (@Nusarasa) and Amai ( Nusarasa ) combines their creativity to create this project as a new millenial take on experimenting their malay rockabilly – chunky, twangy sounding guitars with a laidback Malay lyrics and they call it RockaSarip.

This album consists:
• 6 tracks
• 2 additional hidden tracks

@saripdol_skd and @kamarseni – co producer

** The first 50 limited edition copies are packed as a DIY concept for early birds and collectors.

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