Mathis Turntable (Pre-Order)

Mathis Turntable (Pre-Order)

MYR 1,299.00

Key Features

[Matte Black 80s Design]

Mathis’ refined, minimalist design pays homage to the aesthetic forms of the 80s new wave era. The classic matte black finish, accented by brushed metal trim, adds to an understated elegance that breathes new life into an already timeless style


[Bluetooth Transmitter]

The built-in Bluetooth transmitter connects the best vintage analog audio format with the speakers of the future. Seamlessly integrate Mathis with any Bluetooth-compatible wireless sound system to create a rich, full listening experience that reaches the places that speaker cables can’t.


[USB Encoding]

USB encoding allows serious collectors and music professionals to create a digital archive that preserves the quality and condition of their vinyl library, making it possible to easily transport and play rare or valuable albums without fear of the wear and tear that comes with regular use.


[Audio Technica VM95E Moving Magnet Cartridge]

This meticulously-engineered cartridge provides crisp, clear sound with virtually no tonal distortion. Its interchangeable stylus can be switched out with compatible Audio Technica stylus from the same series and it mounts easily to Mathis’ upgradeable headshell, giving the listener layers of versatility and functionality.


[Upgradeable Headshell]

Component customizability is key for aficionados who want a turntable that can grow alongside them. An upgradeable headshell means that Mathis’ can evolve over time to fit the listener’s taste and budget, allowing for improvements to stability and tonearm resonance.


[Built-in Counter Weight]


A built-in counter weight allows for the finely-tuned precision and control required by professionals and committed enthusiasts. The adjustable weight can be quickly and easily calibrated to accommodate for the needs of any setting or situation.


[Anti-Skate Control]

Optimize channel balance, eliminate distortion, and prevent stylus and record degradation with Mathis’ precision anti-skate control. Properly-tuned tension applied to the tonearm will keep the stylus firmly centered in record grooves, ensuring high-quality audio output, both now and for years to come.






– Belt-drive system with low noise design

– Speed selector for 33 1/3 and 45 RPM

– USB encoding

– Dual Moving Magnet cartridge (Audio-Technica VM95E) 

– Built-in phono pre-amp

– Phono Out / Line out jacks 

– Bluetooth transmitter 

– Upgradable headshell

– Iron turntable

– Platter: Φ280mm

– Turntable plinth thickness: 25mm 

– Volume control

– Ground connector

– Detachable transparent dust cover 

– Special vibration damping feet

– DC power supply




Pre-order Details


? Pre-order Mathis Turntable  20-31 Jan 2022 

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Mathis Turntable, the latest turntable from Gadhouse. 


Let’s enter another level of music listening experience with ‘Mathis’. Coming with a sleek look in Matte Black design with complete functionality and quality materials. An Audio Technica dual moving magnet cartridge elevates Mathis’ precision sound quality. The upgradeable headshell means you can customize Mathis to get the very best from its already crisp, refined audio capability. 


There’s also a Bluetooth transmitter to easily send signals to your favorite Bluetooth speakers and built-in phono preamp to connect with traditional speakers by cables. Mathis’ smart looks and superior sound make it the perfect turntable for style-savvy music aficionados who like to let the music do the talking.


Looking back on the inspiration for the design of this model, Gadhouse is bringing back the charm and the story of the 80s Space Age deciphered and complemented in every element of Mathis. From the metal body, tonearm, to the toggle switch, these will make you feel like controlling a vintage rock instrument.


Once you are in the orbit of Mathis, the stronger gravity pulls you toward music.