Tala Records

TALA RECORDS ASIA is home to essentials and collector-must-haves, specifically curated by individuals who have had extensive experience in the Malaysian and international music scene. After establishing as “Sifters Asia” in October 2018 and now rebranded, TALA has moved on from being a mere record store.

TALA’s vision expanded from just retail to showcasing homegrown and regional talents. Besides being a front for local band merch, trader of caliber music equipment (Marshall, Audio-Technica) and owner of a curated line of vintage fashion, it is now an established event space. Through successful networking, TALA presently hosts a variety of music acts for gigs and collaboration shows in its comfortable, snug space. And despite being a small venue, the grade-quality sound system expands the intimate music experience.

TALA’s past history of festivals and gigs includes Journey To The South, Ram Jam Festival, Down The Alleyway, Little Nook Sessions, and festivity specials like Raya Ronggeng Disko and Indie Kenduri. TALA RECORDS ASIA plans to develop further towards the goal of becoming an independent Asian music hub.

Venue Detail

014 - 333 5992
Gasket Alley, 1st Floor, Petaling Jaya

Working Hours

Wednesday to Saturday 12pm - 8pm
Sunday 2pm to 10pm